Hoodie Weather

I had a go at drawing humans in a manga/cartoon style yesterday evening. Result : It’s meant t

I like Gimp ?

I managed to get a new computer recently, and I have been playing around with GIMP a lot more than b

Experimenting with styles

I’m not really happy with how I draw cartoon/chibi animals at the moment, so I opened up 10 po


Hoodie Weather

February 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

I had a go at drawing humans in a manga/cartoon style yesterday evening. Result :
2014-02-16 hoodie weather

It’s meant to be a self portrait of sorts but I didn’t get any features right (so now it’s just a person). The piece is based off the song ‘Sweater Weather’ by The Neighbourhood. Instead of sweaters, I changed it too hoodies. I don’t actually own any sweaters.
And I’m currently working on some realistic face picture. Which is very ugly. So I won’t post it.

I like Gimp ?

February 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

I managed to get a new computer recently, and I have been playing around with GIMP a lot more than before. I have the plugin which allows me to open .ora files in GIMP so I can switch between that, MyPaint and Krita. My new computer is much faster and is able to save and work on large pieces and is able to let me use GIMP without crashing. I like using GIMP a lot now, since I can use a load of dynamics due to the graphic tablet settings and there are many tools available (unlike MyPaint). MyPaint has a much better range of brushes though and I like the never-ending canvas on it.

Anyway, in December I had to switch back to my old computer because of a few size issues and such. It was really funny how annoying I found it, waiting up to 5 minutes for this to save :
2013-12-27 chibi my pocky

It was meant to be a self portrait because I had a strange craving for pocky during the end of last year.
And here are some recent pieces of art I have done using my new computer and gimp:
2014-02-16 best friends forever

2014-02-14 bingo coming home

2014-02-07 you can't stop it screaming out

Experimenting with styles

February 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m not really happy with how I draw cartoon/chibi animals at the moment, so I opened up 10 point commissions on deviantart so I can work on my style with a bit of motivation. Before I opened the commission slots I tried a few for examples :
2014-02-03 looking around2014-02-02 dog sitting sketch2014-02-04 falling

The second one is truly disgusting, I’m sorry. I’ve done two commissions so far and I’m working on a third.
Here they are (I have a thing with quotes at the moment) :

2014-02-05 they will not control us

2014-02-04 put on your war paint

If you like these sort of things, you can commission me on my devaintart account. Nearly all of my commissions cost less than a dollar if you convert them from the deviantart points. So definitely worth it !

More Watercolours

February 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

I can’t believe I used to hate watercolours; now I absolutely adore them! I know I’m not actually that good with them but experimenting with the colours and layers you can have using this medium is so fun ; v ;
Since I’m just playing around with watercolours, I tend to use my A5 sized watercolour sketchpad so I don’t use up so much paint. I really want to open up watercolour commissions but then again I don’t want to because it might make me stressed (and that’s what I’m aiming to get away from !).

Today I drew the pokemon Rapidash for my friend’s birthday card (as you can tell, they like pokemon). Well, it started off as a Deerling but then I figured out that it wouldn’t work so I changed it to a Rapidash. Therefore the anatomy is much more like a deer’s than a horse’s.

2014-02-01 george card rapidash small

And about a week ago I tried do a painting with inked lines. Since I was feeling all Studio Ghiblish, I decided to draw Chihiro from Spirited Away and the baby totoro from My Neighbour Totoro. If you haven’t watched them yet, GO WATCH THEM NOW ASDFGHJKL they are amazing. Next I should do Howl’s Moving Castle fanart.

2014-02-01 thank you chihiro and totoro small

It was a thank you card for a lovely christmas present I received. Gosh, I know it’s WAY late but better late than never, right ? All feedback and critiques are welcome ~ thank you c:

Watercolour Totoro

January 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

As I hardly ever paint with watercolours, I decided to give it a shot a few days ago for a birthday card. One of my first watercolour paintings was of Totoro (from Studio Ghibli’s film, My Neighbour Totoro) and let’s just say it didn’t turn out great. I haven’t scanned it in and I don’t want to *cringe*
Anyway, the final painting was on A5 watercolour paper and turned out alright.

totoro loves you watercolour edited copyright

The faded background is actually pale blue, I just couldn’t get the colours completely right after I scanned it in. Click the image for the full sized version. I think I will paint some more Studio Ghibli characters next (gosh I must do Catbus) !
Any feedback, critiques or thoughts are always welcome ! Thanks c:

Another year already ?

January 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello 2014, goodbye 2013 ! You were a brilliant year, full of galloping newspaper hats and many pieces of art. I made new friends, went to new places and tried new things while having a load of fun ! Gosh, 2013 went by quickly. I don’t want to ramble on, so let’s just stop there.
I’ve been abroad for a while, so that’s why this poor website hasn’t been updated. Christmas was great, as was the new year and I actually did loads of work during the vacation. And I watched loads of movies and television. Tons of Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, many Disney films and The Avengers (yet again).


To show how much I haven’t improved, I put together a 2013 Summary of Art meme. I found the blank template on deviantart. Seriously though, the only things I’ve improved on are linearts and backgrounds/landscapes. I chose the best piece of art from every month. I did hardly ANY art in June and July so they’re pretty rubbish. Some of the art from January-March was so bad I was crying with laughter. The lines are so wobbly and I didn’t even know how to shade or anything XD I still don’t, but let’s skip that part.

Well anyway, happy new year and stuff ; v ;

Improvement ?

December 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well, today I decided that it was about time to practise landscapes. The last time I attempted one was in August (so I sort of worked out that I’ve been avoiding them) and even that was just experimenting. I decided to do another forest scene so I opened MyPaint and got to work.
It was going to be a picture of Sprout (my beautiful character which I hardly ever draw) taking a nap in a sunbathed glade next to a large puddle. This image was partly inspired by C S Lewis’ novel, The Magician’s Nephew, and it’s forest between the worlds. Well, let’s just say it turned out quite a bit different. I finished all of the trees and realised that there was no way I could add to it by adding a sleeping cat. As in, the cat would ruin it completely. So here is the final product (click it for full size) :

2013-12-06 Forest nap

I actually attempted to use more than one brush (success ~ I used two !) and I tried to make the trees more realistic. It wasn’t exactly the image I had in my head and I dislike the water but I think it is an improvement on my last forest scene. The one which I used the exact same brushes for and drew in March. So that’s about nine months ago :

2013-03-09 Discovery

I guess that’s an okay improvement for nine months then u w u


November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello people !
I am very sorry I haven’t updated this site for a week or two, I guess I was procrastinating a lot. Wow, that is a rubbish excuse. I began to work on my novel for NaNoWriMo but I was about 5k words behind on the third day and decided to abandon it because I had no plot, no character development and no motivation. Ugh, so depressing. I was happy about what I actually did though and I shall try to continue working on it at my own pace.

I have also finished an informative few-paragraphs on the topic of my new characters and their species. You may have already seen these on my deviantart or on scratch but I thought I might as well post a more detailed version here. Enjoy and please do not hesitate to share ideas about names and traits. Thanks !

2013-11-09 Stop following me

These creatures live on small islands in PinkFizz Ocean (home to many whales) which all have different climates, varying from tropical conditions to a tundra climate from island to island. They are amiable yet protective creatures which are extremely curious. Most of them feed on fruits, vegetation and insects but some varieties in colder climates tend to survive off smaller animals. Their brightly coloured coats and sometimes intricate markings serve to attract mates as they have few predators and don’t have the need to be camouflaged.

One of the main features of this species are the lanterns that nearly all of the creatures are born with. The male version of the species has a lantern hanging off his tail and the female has a lantern protruding from her head. These creatures use the lantern to guide them through the dark and for celebrating events across the year. Another distinct feature of these creatures are the masks they wear across their faces. The masks grow on them and are made from the same substance as their bones. The straps around them signify rank (depending on the different styles and materials used as the straps) across the tribe they live within.

As you may have noticed, this beautiful species does not have an official name : if you have any ideas about this feel free to comment here and send them to me (you never know, I could use it !).

Artwork © Xianli.com 2013

I’ll make it in time …

October 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

So, Halloween is fast approaching and I have decided that this year I will draw something for the event. I don’t generally celebrate Halloween but I love all the creepy themes and dark creatures. Probably the only time in the year that it’s sensible to draw something disturbing (well, not for everyone).
I’m drawing some sort of ghoul or scary person who has their hair braided around their neck (creeepy). Well, you can decide. Here are some WIPs :

despairing wip
despairing wip 2
2013-10-26 Despairing 2

Box of Life

October 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today I decided to make a start on thank you cards because of the many presents I received on my birthday. I conjured up my list of gifts and, to my great surprise, I only really needed to make two cards because everyone else were people I often see and have already thanked in person. I was actually quite pleased because I could spend more time and effort on each one rather than quickly doodling something on a bought card and sending it off. I like to make each card I send unique and, at least, something different from the previous one that I assume the person receiving will enjoy.

As you may know, I like to experiment with paints and have recently posted a few acrylic paintings I have done in my A5 pad. In the same shop that I bought that pad, I also bought an A4 acrylic pad and an A5 watercolour pad. Since I have a large pack of squeezable tube watercolours (unopened up until today), I decided that it was about time I made something pretty with my watercolours.

The idea was that a plain cardboard opened up to release a wonderful stream of colours and a beautiful plant. It’s sort of like Pandora’s box, apart from the fact that the box in that story contained lots of evil things. Mine’s more of a box of wonder. In the final painting there is also sparkly snow (because snow is pretty ;u;). I took photos of the painting as it went along and I have put them in this slideshow gallery thing:

Any critiques, feedback or thoughts are, as always, greatly appreciated. Also, where do you think I should write the thank you message on it ? The back ? The white space ?

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