Orange Puffle!

I’m not really a fan of club penguin, I guess. Not really my thing. But I love doing all the quizes, they are so weird questions. Like: Do you like you’re friends to be weird? So weird. Still, everyone needs a bit of entertainment in their lives. The quiz I was doing told me that I would be a great Orange puffle owner. I’m happy with that, orange puffles are THE BEST. Then I came across a very small problem – I’m not a member, so how am I going to get the orange puffle. I sort of like, y’know, made a face at the club penguin Adopt-your-own-puffle page, ‘cos I really hate it when you want to get something and BOOM! There appears a stupid Please Become a Member

Anyway, I got loadsa facts about Orange Puffles.
They are real goofy and have awesome giant front teeth. Orange puffles like playing with trucks (random) and box dimensions (totally random). It is very easy to feed this sort of puffle, as they eat absolutely anything; including your puffle bowl. And your other puffles. Known for it’s quick-thinking and O-Berry eating, this puffle may be perfect for YOU.

NB: I did not draw this cool picture above. I just googled for it. Too lazy to draw one after many failed attempts.

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